La Selva Giardino del Belvedere - Private Villa in Tuscany

Meetings; New ideas and new energy

Today, now more than ever, there is a need for new ideas and new energy.

La Selva Giardino del Belvedere can generate those new ideas and new energy. This has always been true for our family's satisfying relationship with the Selva and we would now like to offer our house and garden to those capable of appreciating the Spirit of the Place; a pervasive feeling which, I assure you, is strong and positive.

Consider meeting in Tuscany with your collaborators and partners in a three-hundred-year-old stone farmhouse, in the midst of a vast natural botanical garden (32 Acres) surrounded by centuries-old oaks, olive groves and fields, all situated in the Chianti hills.

Meetings; New ideas and new energyConsider the restorative, invigorating and inspiring energy found in a place offering real isolation, but at the same time located only 10 minutes from Montevarchi and the A1 motorway Valdarno exit, and only 30 minutes from Florence, Arezzo and Siena.

Consider gathering in a group, speaking to each other face to face seated around a large cherry table, with fires blazing in the hearth and in the cast iron stove;everyone fully benefitting from the warm relaxed atmosphere, with each person expressing his or her own ideas and opinions and simultaneously picking up on those signals our “antennas”  perceive in the moment: this is the energy that La Selva fosters and generates.

All around the particular silence of nature, the special flavor of hand-crafted materials such as real wood, authentic terracotta, organic stucco, natural sounds and spaces tailored to make one feel at ease.

Spend a day in a different way, in a place offering a once-upon-a-time quality lifestyle combined with the technology of the present.
Take a walk in the garden, continue discussing things while all around the woods are full of life. A bird flies past - who knows its destination! A woodpecker sings for a mate, a butterfly flutters in the warmth of a sunbeam. Just a few steps away you might stumble upon the stone amphitheatre, where you can sit and talk just like the ancient philosophers, or occupy center stage for a song and a dance.

This is La Selva,  a place where everything surrounding you is truly authentic, a place where quality of life becomes a tangible daily expression; and, above all, a place where your sensations, ideas and emotions will undoubtedly be exceptional, incomparable and indelible.

We wish you an abundant harvest of ideas and rewarding work.


 Groups who have conducted meetings at La Selva include:

Technical information: Services available by request:

Maximum number of participants:
Inside: 30 persons
Outside: 150 persons

Meeting room size:
Length 12 m
Area 80 sq.m

Wireless internet
Video projector, projection screen (possibility to rent)
Television with DVD/DIVX player


  • Transfer to and from airport

  • Additional accommodations nearby

  • Full-time cook

  • Cooking classes

  • Guided visit of the natural botanic garden.
    During harvest and growing season, guided hunting of truffles and porcini mushrooms.

  • Guided visits to area wineries, medieval hamlets, castles, Florencea, Siena and other art cities.
Daytime = harvesting ideas.
Nightime = Relaxing with colleagues and friends
Maria cooking just for you, pulling the dough by hand and cooking it in the wood burning stove.
Daytime = harvesting ideas. Nightime = Relaxing with colleagues and friends. Maria preparing homestyle Tuscan meals just for you.

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